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About Disability Advisor

It’s unfortunate that most people begin to file an application for Social Security disability income with little appreciation of the complexities of this process.  Some estimates suggest that as many as four in every five applicants will be turned down initially.  Most of these claimants did not realize that the burden was theirs to prove that they were unable to work. 

If the 80% rejection rate is accurate, and if every applicant knew of this potential obstacle, many more individuals would seek early assistance in applying and providing the appropriate supporting documentation.  Instead, many do not seek outside assistance until after their application has been refused! 

Disability Advisor exists to inform and empower individuals who want to apply for Social Security disability income.  This site contains a number of answers to specific questions about the application process, about what expertise and resources are available to the individual, and about what positive steps can be taken if the application is nonetheless denied.  With some good help and an organized approach, the likelihood of receiving disability income can be dramatically improved.

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