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disability claims process

The Social Security Disability Claims Process

The Social Security disability claims process difficult to navigate and each step in the process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits is potentially complicated.  While hundreds of thousands of individuals apply each year, a disproportionate number are denied benefits, at least at the outset.  The rules and regulations that govern the approval of applications and the distribution of benefits are complex.  This is an area where it makes a great deal of sense for the individual to consider seeking expert representation.  There should be no cost to the individual unless the representative is successful in gaining benefits for the claimant, and any costs to the claimant are set by the Social Security Administration.
Each of the articles below describes a stage in the Process of seeking Social Security disability benefits.

Who's Eligible for Benefits?   Appeal #1: Reconsideration
The Right to Representation   Appeal #2: the Hearing
Disability Income Benefits   Appeal #3: Appeals Council
The Appeals Process   Final Appeal: Federal Court
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